80 Découpages

Temporary exhibition 15.09 to 30.10.2022

Hans- Jurgen Glatz, member of the Suisse Découpage Association, has chosen 80 découpages among 600 works of art belonging to this beautiful collection. They represent a stunning variety of the artists whom are members.

You can discover contemporary works as well as more traditional ones. This panel of artists shows visitors a complete vision of the centuries-old and well-represented art in our valley.

“Let yourself follow the flow in this marvelous and enchanting cultural space of the Pays-d’Enhaut”


Invitation to the “Espace Ballon”

The Musée du Pays-d’Enhaut has been invited by the Espace Ballon to present within its walls an exhibition of its choice during the period of the expansion work. On the ground floor visitors are led to discover the Espace Ballon and the beginnings of tourism in our valley. Posters and old photographs make them relive the winter sports of the past – sledding, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing – or summer with tennis, the opening of the swimming pool, or the arrival of the Montreux Bernese Oberland train.
The exhibition also offers a proud place to cutting “découpage”, very contemporary echoing the walk of the Grand des Marques. : the numerous frames represent a selection of “découpages” given by artists to financially support the museum’s extension project.
The managers of the two museum entities are delighted with this collaboration, which is part of the development of the cultural offer of the Pays-d’Enhaut and its networking.

affiche LPDB et musée


CARTE BLANCHE , Françoise Ostermann – Adrien Chevalley

Temporary exhibition 01.12.2019 to 29.03.2020

For its new temporary exhibition, the Pays-d’Enhaut museum has invited its former curator and paper-cut artist, Françoise Ostermann-Henchoz, and Adrien Chevalley, plastics artist, presently based in Vevey, to create a dialogue between their works which will be exhibited on the walls of Prefet Cottier’s former home.
Both these artists, “nourished” by the landscapes and life of the Pays-d’Enhaut at a certain moment of their lives, and taking their inspiration from a traditional art which they deeply respect, present their works in a very personal and individualistic style. A dialogue between two generations, two artisans, two perceptions of the contemporary world, thanks to an artistic interpretation permeated by reflections and allusions.