Between art and craft.

Discovery, Authenticity and Treasures



You will experience the atmosphere of homes from bygone days when you see their kitchens and bed-rooms in which you can imagine people still live. This museum provides the “memory”, the record of a mountain region which for many years was quite cut-off. Its people created a craft industry of an exceptional quality and their beautiful chalets housed treasures of a living art.

Amongst these treasures, you can admire stained glass and posters ; there is a forge and an alpine cheese-making room. Also one room is devoted to the early days of tourism. Everyday objects abound: kitchen-ware, work-tools, cow-bells, toys, pottery, lace-work and objects made from straw.

Folk-art flourished alongside the works of artists such as Pilet and the bailiff Gachet who, from the end of the 18th century, painted beautiful watercolours which show how they saw their valley.


Founded in 1922, this museum has become one of the principal folk-art museums in Switzerland. In a house donated by Governor Cottier, we exhibit the collections which have been gathered together over the years by people who were passionate about the history of this region and its traditions.