CARTE BLANCHE , Françoise Ostermann – Adrien Chevalley

Temporary exhibition from December 1st 2019 to March 29th 2020

For its new temporary exhibition, the Pays-d’Enhaut museum has invited its former curator and paper-cut artist, Françoise Ostermann-Henchoz, and Adrien Chevalley, plastics artist, presently based in Vevey, to create a dialogue between their works which will be exhibited on the walls of Prefet Cottier’s former home.
Both these artists, “nourished” by the landscapes and life of the Pays-d’Enhaut at a certain moment of their lives, and taking their inspiration from a traditional art which they deeply respect, present their works in a very personal and individualistic style. A dialogue between two generations, two artisans, two perceptions of the contemporary world, thanks to an artistic interpretation permeated by reflections and allusions.