6th Anniversary of the Découpage daysjournees decoupage 2022

09.07 – 10.07.2022

All info to be found -> tourist office web-site
During one week-end a year artists from all over Switzerland and Europe share their passion for “découpage” by showing off their works of art in Château-d’Œx. The perfect opportunity to learn more about this important tradition of the Pays-d’Enhaut

Discover “découpage” directly with its artists in the village that has marked the history of this art ! Nearly 40 artists from Switzerland and Europe, each with very different styles, will be present to share with you their passion for “découpage”, cutting, exhibiting and selling their works.

During your visit, stroll through the village of Château-d’Œx and discover little by little the secrets of this delicate art! Four venues are dedicated to the event:

  • Under the Château-d’Oex train station of the MOB
  • at the Grande Salle
  • at the Espace Ballon

Plan your day so you don’t miss any of the highlights of the 6th anniversary of paper cutting ! Attend the inauguration of the new edition of the walk “Le Grand des Marques”, pose and get your portrait cut out live or even learn to cut through the paper thanks to the organized classes especially for the occasion!

All info to be found -> tourist office web-site


5th Anniversary of the Découpage days

11.07 – 12.07.2021

Artists from all over Switzerland and France will exhibit their works for a weekend in Château-d’Oex to introduce visitors to their passion for “découpage”.

Due to the success of the first four editions, Pays-d’Enhaut Région, in collaboration with the Musée du Pays-d’Enhaut, is organizing the 5th edition of the Silhouette Days on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 July 2020. This time, three different venues in Château-d’Oex will be dedicated to the event : the underground of the Château-d’Oex train station, the entrance of the Collège Henchoz and the Grande Salle. Around 40 artists from all over Switzerland and France will be present, each with their own style, to bring their passion for “découpage” closer to the public and to manufacture, exhibit as well as sell their works on site.

Artists present :  Sepp Astner, Ursula Astner, Jacques Bergholz, Gabrielle Berset, Marie-Laure Beun, Markus Blum, Elisabeth Bottesi, Céline Boutantin, Anne-Dominique Brandt, Marianne Dubuis, Corinne Favre-Savoy, Emmanuel Fornage, Alice-Angèle Genoud, Doris Henchoz, Pierre-André Jaggi, Jean-François Jaquier, Lisa Jost, Corinne Karnstädt, Claudine Keller, Susanne Kübli, Stéphanie Lumeau, Jacqueline Macherel, Regina Martin, Silvain Monney, Pierre Mottier, Ariane Moullet, Camille Peitsch, Maxime Recoing, Marc Schweizer, Gaby Studer, Elizabeth Wirth, Délia Zimmerman.

The Musée du Pays-d’Enhaut will also be represented with a stand in the Great Hall: the construction work planned for March 2020 for the new center will be presented, and the works donated by the artists will be exhibited and sold for the benefit of the museum.

The Scherenschnitt Schweiz Association will be represented with a stand at the entrance of the station’s underpass.

All info to be found -> tourist office web-site