The Geneva School – Harmonie of the landscape

Exhibition from 30th November 2018 to 30th March 2019

Prolongation until Mai 19th 2019

MPE_EXPO_HIVER_2018_PHOTO_01From the middle of the 18th century for about a hundred years the upper middle classes in Geneva became passionately interested in papercuts. Brought to its peak by artists such as Jean Huber, considered to be one of the founders of the Geneva School, or Jacques-Laurent Agasse, the famous animal painter, this art was also practised by numerous anonymous craftsmen. The current exhibition presents works lent by the Gallery Hüsy in Blankenburg and the William Cuendet Fondation & Atelier de Saint-Prex. Even after two centuries, the poetry and the fascination emanating from these delicate papercuts remain intact.