Vincent Munier
Special exhibition 30.06 – 26.08.2018

The first photographer to have received the Eric Hosking Award of the BBC Wildlife photographer of the year three times, Vincent Murier has had his photographs published regularly in the international press (Terre Sauvage, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife magazine, La Salamandre, Animan …).
During his expeditions to Ellesmere Island in Canada, in the Kamchatka and in Norway, or on Hokkaido Island in Japan, he hikes in silence for days on end, pulling his sledge, and brings us back his exceptional photos.

Paolo Albertelli and Maria Grazia Abbaldo founded the gallery C&C in Turin in 1997. Qualified architects, they focussed their research on sculpture and architecture. Their projects won several important distinctions including the Architecture Rivelate Award in 2002. In their work they explore themes inspired by nature such as water, the relationship between land and sky, and mountain animals. Corten steel and inox are laser cut and sometimes combined with bronze, wood or marble. The work of Paolo Albertelli and Maria-Grazia Abbaldo is recognised internationally and has been presented in numerous museums and exhibitions in Italy, France and Switzerland.

A documentary film by Jérôme Bouvier which focuses on the work of Vincent Munier will be shown at the Eden Cinema in Château-d’Oex on 1st July at 5 p.m.