The Saugy family from Rougemont

Exhibition-sale from 3rd December 2016 to 30th April 2017

Jacqueline et Christiane Saugy

The unchanging life of the mountain dwellers, the climb to the high pastures with the equipment necessary for cheese-making in a horse-drawn cart, and the procession of cows with their bells, resonate in the hearts of many of us.

Nostalgia for the past is often the inspiration for the paper-cutters who romanticise a way of life where nature dictates her laws, still largely untouched by the obligations which today threaten to overwhelm our farmers.

Fränzi Saugy-ObristPerpetuating a traditional art which honours the life of the farm workers, the artists Fränzi Saugy-Obrist, Anne-Marie Fallotton-Saugy and the twins, Jacqueline and Christiane Saugy have, for more than forty years, produced paper-cuts in the traditional style of the Pays-d’Enhaut.

In their works one can find the representation of an idealised way of life and an excessive love of the natural world which marked the artistic life of their great uncle, Louis Saugy.

Anne-Marie Vallotton-Saugy


You can admire their private collection in addition to having the possibility of acquiring a paper-cut for yourself.